Bike talk? Day 2 – 30daysofbiking

For the purposes of today’s post please note the following. The human will be referred to as (ME) and the inanimate, but highly personified,pedal driven, recreational vehicle will be referred to as (BLUE)

ME: Hey, let’s go I have to return these dvds to the library.

BLUE: Not interested.

ME: But I have this 30 days of riding you thingy going on here.

BLUE: And did I have a say in this?

ME: Look what we will be carrying. Breaking Away!

BLUE: Only if you say something in Italian to me.
ME:  Buon giorno, Papa!
BLUE: I am not your Papa, I’m your god-damned bicycle.
Me: Will you go now?
BLUE: ok, ok…
ME: It looks like rain.
BLUE: I don’t want to get wet.
ME: I’ll be ok, I will wear this bright orange rain jacket.
BLUE: I don’t want to get wet.
ME: You could use a shower. Have you seen yourself lately?
BLUE: And just exactly whose fault is that?
ME: Well hopefully we can go wash you off.
(Off they both go. Day 2 of 30 days of biking)
ME: Hey look, the moon in the tree.
BLUE: Ah… that is a street light buddy. Look over there in that tree, see it?
ME: Nice.
BLUE: This is nice, this riding in the dark stuff.
ME: I love it.
ME: We made it.
BLUE: Jeeeez, you are grabbing that thing like you are at a tea party.
ME: Do you want to get cleaned or not?
BLUE: Yes.