A Tribute and the need to ride my bicycle. Day 3: 30daysofbiking

Some days we grieve. Some days with grieve together with others. This was one.


With such gratitude for the life of my Grandfather’s youngest brother Armas who died this past weekend at the age of 95. He left everyone he met with so many gifts, me included.


He was the last of his generation in my family. An intelligent, warm, compassionate, caring model, mentor, friend, listener who spread love everywhere. He loved stimulating conversation and was an amazing storyteller. He was a teacher and beloved man.


After traveling 300 miles to and from Duluth today I returned home feeling spent. Such a life, so many lives touched by one person.


The sun had set and I set off on my bicycle. Straight from our home to a path. I wanted solitude. It was cold, dark. I rode and rode warming up. The moon shone down and lit up the tops of the trees but the path lay dark, eerily  illuminated by my light.


I stopped to take a picture of the moon and it had blue wings. Oh wow.


Today was a beautiful blue sky day. Just amazing.


A story shared at his funeral was how just recently in the process of dying in the middle of a rough night he burst into song, full volume:



Blue Skies

smiling at me.

Nothing but blue skies

do I see.



singing a song:

nothing but bluebirds

all day long.


Never saw the sun

shining so bright.

Never saw things

going so right.


Noticing the days

hurrying by:

when you’re in love,

my how they fly.


Blue days,

all of them gone.

Nothing but blue skies

from now on.

We sang it together today.


I am filled with gratitude and love.


He was the son of Finnish immigrants. His name was Armas. In Finnish his name means beloved.


He was so very, very beloved.


Good bye Armas.


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