Pedal Pedal Pedal

A few days a go I was listening to one of my favorite Pat Metheny songs,

The Truth Will Always Be,

and I realized how much it resonated with being on my bicycle. So, I sat down and pulled together video images I have collected on my bicycles.

The first is of my grandfather placing me on a tricycle. It was the first time my feet touched pedals and there were his hands placing my feet on. Wow, that hit me on deep emotional level. A time to young for memory.

Next, pedaling around and around in front of my chldhood home, the first moments without training wheels. Again, pretty faded memories, but incredible sweet footage.

But, to pedal… and pedal… and pedal…

That, is forever imprinted on my brain.


Black & White

Winter Ride?

Black and White/Yin and Yang

Where is our snow? Over the weekend I enjoyed a couple of very enjoyable, sunny rides. Surrounded by the colors of brown and gray with an overhead, brilliant blue sky. I longingly wished for some white. A snowy world that hides the dullness. I am not complaining here. I sure love riding this much in February without slipping and crashing and  without  losing a few extremities due to extreme cold.

I miss my white world so much that I thought I would take you on a bit of a trip of my weekend in black and white. Best way to feed my desire I guess.

Lake of the Isles skaters.

It is winter here. Proof exists in the presence of ice all over the place on lakes and shaded sidewalks and roads. You never know when a patch will pop up. Icy puddles that melt with the sunlight of the day and refreeze at night are easy to find as well. Winter like activities still go on. Skaters of all ages were out on Lake of the Isles Saturday.

Snow or Gravel?

I like this picture. Looks like it could be some snowy ground but it is gravel under my wheel. This excites me for two reasons. First, I fake us all out with my fake snow picture and second this makes me remember that I just saw my entry for the Almanzo 100  gravel race this spring was accepted. Woohoo!

February river...What, no ice??

Looks like it could be a balmy summer day, right? Nope, February. Only ice was tight against the shore.

Riverbank ice.

However, just behind my bike under the Hennepin Ave. bridge there was lots of nice ice.

Ghost Bike

Do you have these where you live? So sad, always. I pass this one on River Road all the time.

Bike meets Art

I do try to get my Blue bike to have a wide range of experiences. One of our favorite places is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. This horse looks cold, don’t you think?

Yes, the cherry is red.

The iconic piece in the Garden is the Spoon with Cherry bridge. Of course it is red.

Freewheel Bike on the Greenway

We made a quick stop here in front of Freewheel Bike because we noticed the letter B for Blue right in the window. Look closely, right above the blue bicycle. A perfect shadow.


See what we mean?

Oh boy…just looked outside, it’s snowing.



Pedaling to school, to go teach, is one of my favorite things. Leaving the house at 7:45am on an early February morning on my blue Specialized Allez is quite the treat. Checking the temp… 20s, putting on layers, drinking the last sips of coffee and then out to the garage to get my blue bicycle. I wonder how many times I pedal on a trip? How many for 10 miles? How many in 100? 1,000? 10,000???

I don’t wonder too long, just pedal. And pedal, pedal, pedal…

… I notice…

The sun rising, soft voices of birds, puddles of water turned to ice…

… I smell…

Ahhh, bacon coming from Al’s Breakfast in Dinkytown. What a treat to ride through that sensual cloud of bacon fragrance.

… I wonder…

How does that bike defy gravity like that?

And I pedal…pedal…pedal…

Along roads. Along pathways.

Along the Mississippi River with ice only along it’s banks. Today chunks were breaking loose and floating along downstream.

Finally I reach school. Stop pedaling. Pile my layers.

The day was sweet. My students went home. I layered again, less this time.

Then began to pedal…pedal…pedal…

The sun was going down.

The moon was rising.

And on and on I went.

Pedal… pedal… pedal…

And very close to home I pedaled the 10,000 mile on that blue bicycle.

I wonder how many pedal turns that was?