Somber Sunset Day 11 30daysofbiking

I started out on an evening ride very late. As I reached the Stone Arch Bridge I came upon the most magnificent sunset, and emergency vehicles everywhere. Someone apparently had jumped off the bridge just upriver. Too much for me. I turned around and rode home.


A beautiful windy evening. Day 10 30daysofbiking

You can see the wind moving across the Mississippi river.

Some evenings are perfect for riding. You race the setting sun.

The late day sun illuminates the trees.

I love riding as the sun sets. Seeing it dip into the trees.

Sunset is the magic time.


Bridges of Minneapolis Day 7 – 30daysofbiking

Not all of them but 9 I went over or under today on my ride.

Stone Arch Bridge

Bridge 1

35W Bridge


Bridge 2


10th Ave. Bridge


Bridge 3


Old railroad bridge - U of M


Bridge 4

Washington Ave. Bridge


Bridge 5



Bridge 6


Franklin Ave Bridge


Bridge 6


Old railroad bridge by the Greenway


Bridge 7

Lake Street Bridge


Bridge 8


Ford Parkway Bridge


Bridge 9




Why I like to commute by bicycle. Day 5 – 30daysofbiking

The reasons are simple.

To be outside and know what the Earth is up to.

To feel the air, to know the temperature as I move along.

To stop at a favorite place overlooking the Mississippi River. Each day I do this my view is unique. Same place, completely different each time. Today I looked down and got to spend a few minutes with a Bald Eagle. My view today.

A bald eagle, my morning commute companion.


The eagle flying under the Lake Street bridge.

Mixed with spring green trees, blue sky and calm waters. The sun striking trees and bridges and reflecting brightly.


I will do this again. Soon. Tomorrow. It won’t be the same.